When Korea Would Be Reunified?

In August 2000, Chairman Kim Jong Il met a delegation from the south Korean mass media.

Not to miss such a golden opportunity, the delegates competitively raised questions on him.

A delegate who had remained silent asked a question as to when Korea would be reunified.

After looking round the gathering, Kim Jong Il replied at once with a free and open looks: It depends on a decision by the north and south of Korea; depending on how we make up our minds and how the Korean people pool their efforts, Korea’s reunification can be resolved immediately or not.

The delegation was so overwhelmed by his ready answer that they could not but repress their admiration for him.

They wondered how he gave a prompt and perspicuous answer to the delicate and awkward question.

They were convinced that Korea would be reunified when its people pull together their efforts and achieve great national unity under the banner of the June 15 North-South Joint declaration.

A truth is always a simple matter when understood later. The CEOs of the south Korean mass media had so far thought that the matter of national reunification is entangled with difficult and complicated problems, but Kim Jong Il gave a succinct account of when Korea would be reunified. They were deeply moved by his outstanding caliber.

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