Ideal of By Our Nation Itself

By Our Nation Itself is the ideal which carries the idea of reunifying the country through a concerted effort of the Korean people in the north, south and abroad, rejecting any moves for domination and intervention by outside forces.

This has been stated in the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and declared to the world.

It embodies the idea of national independence that the Korean nation should become the master in carving out its destiny, and crystallizes the fundamental way for settling perfectly the question of Korea’s reunification through a concerted effort by the Korean nation at home and abroad.

It reflects consciousness and pride in the superiority of the Korean nation and the unanimous will and desire of the Korean people to reunify their country by themselves, so it has aroused absolute support and strong sympathy of the entire Korean nation and opened up a new phase in the development of reunification movement.

With this ideal as a momentum, the Korean nation greeted a new era of reunifying the country by concerted efforts of the nation as true masters of the reunification movement.

Today the ideal serves as a fundamental ideal for the reunification movement of the Korean people to reunify their country by disobeying domination and intervention by outside forces and firmly rallying the entire Korean nation as one.

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