US Military Government—Colonial Military Fascist Ruling Mechanism

As soon as they illegally occupied south Korea, the US imperialists, first of all, set up a colonial military fascist ruling mechanism there.

The US troops set foot in south Korea on September 8, 1945. The US imperialists forcibly disbanded the people’s committees, power organs which represented the genuine intention of the Korean people, in pursuance to “Promulgation No. 1” by MacArthur, and on September 11 announced the installation of a military government and appointed Arnold as its first governor.

In this way, they established the ruling system of the US governor-general under the name of a military government in place of the Japanese governor-general system; the Japanese governor and directors were replaced by Americans.

The government-general was renamed into military government.

After all, the United States appeared as a new ruler of south Korea, its colony, and this gave rise to another history of subjugation and collapse in south Korea, a history of national ordeal.

The US military government existed until Syngman Rhee regime was cooked up in south Korea in 1948.

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