38th Parallel, Brainchild of US

The 38th Parallel was a product of the US ambition for division of the Korean peninsula into north and south.

Originally, the latitude 38° north was identified as a borderline between the operational theatres of the Soviet and US ground forces and a temporary demarcation line for the purpose of accepting the surrender of the Japanese army after the end of the Second World War according to a resolution adopted at the Potsdam Conference held from July 17 to August 2, 1945.

The US imperialists took into accounts the fact that at the time of Japan’s defeat the Japanese troops stationed to the north of the 38th parallel were placed under the command of the Japanese Kwantung Army, while those to the south came under the command of the field army of the “Imperial Headquarters”.

After the defeat of the Japanese imperialists they tried to divide Korea into two and reduce south Korea to their colonial military base.

It gave rise to the tragedy of the national and territorial division of the Korean people.

Now a new military demarcation line drawn by the Korean Armistice Agreement divides the Korean peninsula into north and south.

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