Jongphan Press Forged-note Case

This case was fabricated by the US imperialists to find an excuse for outlawing the Communist Party and suppressing democratic forces in south Korea.

The revolutionary advance of democratic forces grew with the days went by in the wake of Korea’s liberation (August 15, 1945) from the Japanese military occupation.

Scared at this development, the US imperialists tried to split and weaken the south Korean Communist Party by employing spies while cooked up a story that the Jongphan Press forged notes in May 1946. (At that time, the Jongphan Press was printing Haebang Ilbo, organ of south Korean Communist Party.)

They used this case as a pretext for lay the blame for the economic crisis and disorder of south Korea ensued from their policy of colonial subjugation on the Communist Party, so as to impairing its prestige, outlaw the organization and intensify their oppression of the south Korean democratic forcibly closed down the press and Haebang Ilbo on the cooked-up charge of forging notes.

Moreover, they imprisoned many Communist Party members and brought them to justice while cruelly cracking down on the democratic political parties and social organizations.

In spite of the protest and denunciation of all the Korean people including the south Korean democratic forces the US imperialists and their henchmen put to death the Communist Party members by putting them on trial on more than 30 occasions.

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