National Unity, Key to Korea’s Reunification

It is the firm stand and consistent policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to embrace and unite everyone who values the soul of the nation and loves the country and nation for national unity and reunification irrespective of ideology, social system, class and stratum.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address clarified that the DPRK would join hands with anyone who opts to give priority to the nation and wishes for its reunification, regardless of his or her past.

It is the urgent requirement of the prevailing situation that those who have been gripped with the narrow-minded conception of confrontation so far should subordinate everything to the great cause of national reunification and orientate towards it, boldly doing away with the conception.

It is a crime against the nation and reunification to pay no heed to the will and demand of the nation and stand in the way of the movement for national reunification, the long-cherished desire of the nation, while insisting on the partisan ism and interests only.

Whoever has the blood and soul of the Korean nation and even an iota of national conscience should face up to the times, awake from a nightmare as early as possible, and swim with the dynamic historic trend for the improvement of the inter-Korean ties and national reunification.

The south Korean authorities should boldly break with their past tainted by their acts against reunification and respond to the DPRK’s proposals with the patriotic actions for reunification.

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